ETICS System

Duquebel offers a proposal-solution for exterior thermal insulation in the construction and rehabilitation of building façades.
This coating proposal-solution allows substantially improving thermal efficiency.
Environmentally, this proposal-solution is very positive.  It prevents heat from escaping from the inside to the outside during the cold season of the year, and, simultaneously, avoids heat indoors during the hot period of the year.
This proposal-solution is suitable for practically all construction.

The system presented is, succinctly, comprised by:

Gluing product – Adesibel
Insulation material (expanded polystyrene – EPS; extruded polystyrene – XPS; Rock wool – MV)
Fiberglass netting
Surface Primer
Thick Coating – Revestibel


1 – Aesthetic – Maintains the façades’ appearance of being new.
2 – Protection – High exterior thermal amplitudes are significantly diminished, reducing condensation and the emerging of fungi and mould, as well as cracks indoors.
3 – Comfort – Throughout the year, the temperatures inside the home are comfortable.
4 – Sound-proofing – Substantially reduces the content of the noise coming from outside.
5 – Economy – Reduces the need for installing air conditioners, as well as the costs inherent to their use.


The DUQUETHERM system may be applied on both new and old surfaces.
This system is appropriate to be applied on the outside of residential, industrial and commercial buildings.
Application of the DUQUETHERM system is suitable on stucco, concrete and brickwork.


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