Policy Quality

Duquebel – Fábrica de Tintas e Vernizes, Lda’s objective is the design, development and production of paints and varnishes and the marketing of paints, varnishes and related products, such as, for example: paint brushes and wood glues, at a suitable level of Quality to satisfy customer requirements, aiming for continuous improvement.

Therefore, and considering Quality as the decisive factor of competitiveness, we grounded our Quality Policy on the following principles:

1. Employees

1.1. To provide each employee with the suitable means to perform his/her job without flaws and in accordance with our performance standards: do things right the first time, within the deadlines and at the foreseen cost.

1.2. To improve work conditions in order to create an environment that is propitious towards complying with objectives.

2. Customers

2.1. To offer our customers products that fully correspond to the required specifications (Amount, technical features, etc.), within the established deadlines.

2.2. To supply products with a good Quality/price ratio.

3. Suppliers

3.1. Supplier selection: we only resort to suppliers that guarantee the highest quality and reliability.


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